Introducing Paul Mitchell’s the color XG

Anything Is Possible With Paul Mitchell The Color XG

thecolorXG-model-ElenaDeveloped in Italy by top color experts,  Paul Mitchell The Color XG offers the ultimate fusion of performance and reliability. This permanent hair color provides brilliant results with unsurpassed performance.  Whether you desire vibrant reds, exceptional highlights or natural tones, the color XG creates the right shade of gorgeous.

86 brilliant shades of endless creations • Excellent grey coverage

the color XG 101: Intensifiers

With the launch of the highly-anticipated the color XG®, the first thing that most colorists’ eyes and hands go towards are the Intensifiers. Not only do they look intriguing, but just their name alone is enough to pull you in and spark some creative ideas.


the color XG Intensifiers are a brilliant choice when working with the color XG because they contain both the DYESMART System as well as the PUREXG Protection System. You can intensify (emphasis on the INTENSE because these 6 colors really pack a punch!) or neutralize unwanted tones. They are all intermixable and can be added to any of the shades in our brilliant palette.


These versatile tools can be used in nearly any color XG scenario—adding vibrancy, controlling warmth, adding depth to a formula, repigmenting pre-lightened hair, creating bright or pastel fashion tones and corrective colors to name a few.